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Manage your own Aussie Rules footy club, select your AFL players,
and compete in an interactive 10 team premiership football league.


The 6 points needed for your match winning goal !

    Introduction to S.L.F. Game Play
    Basic run down of how the game is played.
    If you're not interested after this then your defensive kick is out on the full. Loser !

    More Information
    A little extra information with beginner tips.
    Kick out from the backlines, gaining momentum, with the wind, last quarter, crowd buzzing !

    General Rules of S.L.F.
    Rules of basic game play and bidding rounds.
    Enough possession now to finish off the game, six points needed, minutes remaining !

    Player List
    New Season 2011 list of AFL players available for bidding, with SLF number.
    Kick to centre half forward, searching for the big man on the lead, entering time-on !

    Registering your S.L.F. Licence
    Your application form and initial 15 bids made here.
    A mark in the goal-square .. WooHoo! Your full forward lining up for the winning goal !

    What Next ?
    What to expect in the following days and where to find it.
    Awaiting the all-clear from the umpire, the siren sounds, you've kicked yourself into the best game ever !

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The following pages may require you to be a registered manager before allowing entry.

    : any gaming problems, questions or comments ?, send here.

    S.L.F. League Records : a collection of best ever scores, winning margins, and other interesting statistics.

    S.L.F. Club Management Booklet : available on-line (in PDF file) to registered managers only.

    : provide SLF with written details of your design, or attach .GIF file with E-mail.

    Your Club Song : find how to play your own club song (audio file) when you open up your club page.

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Quick Link to Your League Page :
Enter League Code : SLF#   

    Simulated League Football
  • is more than just tipping AFL winners each week.
  • allows your football knowledge to expand further than your favourite club.
  • is more than an accumulation of points from an abundance of stats.
  • offers team selection and club operations management skill and luck.
  • needs weekly input only if desired to enhance your club.
  • gives worldwide followers a reason to take interest in the great Aussie game.
  • your season can start anytime during the AFL season.
  • a proven winner since 1994, advancing from snail-mail.

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